We realize impact by creating opportunity

through education for girls in India.

You can also create opportunity for girls in India by purchasing this

Window of Opportunity Bracelet

and share in the support that we give.
At the same time, look fashionable this summer!
€15,00 (incl. shipping with EU)
Colors available: Orange, Pink, Red, Black, Green, Light Blue and Grey.

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To realize its objectives, the Bernadette van Gelder Foundation is dependent on gifts, legacies and donations. Since October 2017, the Foundation has the ANBI (General Benefit Organization) status, which allows for tax-friendly donations. The tax benefits then apply to both the donor and the foundation.

Unfortunately we do not accept off line donations.

All our activities made possible through donations can be followed through our Instagram page @swapnafoundation  and our yearly accounts,  published on our website.

You can contact us by sending an email to donations@swapna.foundation.

Internal Note:  Please create this email account with redirect to Marie Claire & Christine

Unfortunately we cannot accept anonymous donations.